What you need to know

Disclaimer- Before we get started, we do want to make it clear that you are going to be participating in motor sports type schooling, so there are risks that come along with it. As all tracks and other events require we will need a release form signed at registration.

Upon Arrival– When arriving at the track for the day please see our trailer for registration, if you prepaid you will still need you to sign our forms and get wrist band. Depending on the track they may have their own entry fee which is very minimum we do not have control over these in fact we pay them ourselves.

What To Wear & Or Bring –   If you’re coming to one of our events for the first time please have your child wear sneakers or boots. We do provide the racing suit, helmet, neck brace, chest protector and helmet. We DO NOT provide racing shoes for each student due to the wide variety on sizing. Please remember your child will spend a good portion of the day wearing the race suit so if the weather is supposed to be warm or hot we suggest allowing them to wear shorts and a t shirt. We usually allow our students to wear loose sweet pants with gym shorts underneath so when they do put the suit on they can take off the sweat pants.  Please be prepared with lunch and drinks for your child as the snack/beverage stand may not be open at the track.

Methods Of Payment-  We do accept all major credit/debit cards, we also accept cash at the time of registration. But due to rising costs of charging expenses we do add 2.5% to all credit card payments.

Pricing-  All pricing is subject to change without notice please review website and or ask for updated pricing.  When you register for all our events for the year you will receive a 15% discount, if you prepay for an event beforehand you will receive a 10% discount.

Classes will include morning classroom session, on track time and finish the day off with classroom review. We also educate the parents on the basics of karting and maintenance on the kart.

Complete package with our kart,  safety equipment and one day schooling- 199$ per student

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You have all your own equipment including kart but want to attend our class- 99$ per student

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One on One with child and parent on separate day with using our equipment- 399$ (we do an intensive on track and off track day with student; we provide go pro footage along with helpful tips and tricks for later review.

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One on One with all the same education but you bring your own equipment- 249$

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