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The 20/180 Principle

There are no “shortcuts” in SEO. But, the 20/180 principle is as close as it can get.

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SEO for Ecommerce is tricky.

You have all of the technical nuances of your website itself. Then, those nuances have to be in line with what Google wants to see. Then… you have to sell product.

Lucky for you, I (Shawn the SEO Geek) have been obsessed with SEO for ecommerce for the past six years. In this obsession, I discovered there are some very specific concerns to be taken.

These include:

  • Crawlability
  • Content Duplication
  • Load Time

Then, we factor in the different platform considerations. There are different considerations for SEO for Shopify, SEO for Magento, SEO for BigCommerce, SEO for Demandware, and so on.

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About eCommerce SEO Expert, Shawn Swaim

I found my way into being an Ecommerce SEO Consultant accidentally. After working in the agency world for several years and helping 500+ local businesses get more leads, I had an opportunity to work with some name brand companies that you have in your home now. (Pyrex, Lenovo, Boxed, and others).

But, what I started to notice was a flaw in the traditional agency model. 

The focus of the traditional agency model is to create ongoing work. I was focused on getting results, fast. To the point it became an obsession. That was the beginning of what became known as the 20/180 Principle. The 20/180 Principle is the Framework I’ve used with dozens of clients to get the fastest results possible in their SEO by eliminating the “junk work” that most agencies build their businesses off of. 

(If you want to learn more about me, check out the about page)

eCommerce SEO Consultant

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In the end, SEO is still the most profitable traffic channel for Online Retail

In the world of Online Retail, I’ve seen SEO be the driving force in driving more profitability to the year end statement.

The art and science of knowing what your audience is searching for then being there when they do is a formula for ongoing, profitable success.

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