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You have all of the technical nuances of your website itself. Then, those nuances have to be in line with what Google wants to see. Then… you have to sell product.

Lucky for you, I (Shawn the SEO Geek) have been obsessed with SEO for the past fifteen years. In this obsession, I discovered there are some very specific concerns to be taken.

These include:

  • Crawlability
  • Content Duplication
  • Load Time

Then, we factor in the different platform considerations. There are different considerations for SEO for Shopify, SEO for Magento, SEO for BigCommerce, SEO for Demandware, and so on.

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What does an Enterprise SEO Consultant analyze?

Technical Performance

Enterprise SEO Consultants have an understanding of how websites work on a technical level. We know where to look for issues on the website, and how to fix them.

This typically begins by assessing a website’s technical performance by using tools like Insitescope or Screaming Frog . They evaluate the speed, ease of use, and overall user experience. This typically results in the creation of a technical audit report or even design new functionality that enhances page load speeds in order to improve rankings in Google’s Search Results Page.

Enterprise SEO Consultants can test different elements of page speed and analyze what slows down mobile pages; they can also suggest optimization tips (e.g., adding content compression, SVG graphics instead of PNGs, and reducing the number of HTTP requests).

Content Structure

Your website is only as good as your content. If your content does not explain to Google what your website is about, ranking for anything on Google becomes practically impossible. Enterprise SEO Consultants ensure that content is written at a level that is not just professional and rankable, but also in line with your desired audience. Typically, we evaluate the quality of your current content, including its readability, flow, and whether it meets Search Engine Guidelines. This is an opportunity to also evaluate your website’s metadata to determine how compatible your site is within Google search. A good Enterprise SEO Consultant will provide suggestions on improving content structure for both large brands and small businesses alike.

Technical Content Architecture

Enterprise SEO Consultants also make sure that all pages have sufficient content to rank well for their target keyword phrases. This includes correct use of H tags (the proper HTML classification heading tags). Informational keywords should be used inside the top 5-6 headings for every page of your website, for example.

This also includes the use of Image ALT Tags. Enterprise SEO Consultants know how to leverage the power of images for content and ranking optimization, which means including a description inside every image ALT tag. Usually, we will provide you with documentation on what your site currently looks like from a technical point of view. We’ll make sure that each page has a title tag and meta description. Finally, we’ll also analyze existing content in order to choose the right keywords that are most likely to convert.

Keyword Targeting

There’s nothing worse than not ranking for keywords unless you’re talking about ranking for the wrong keywords. Enterprise SEO Consultants are experts at knowing what large companies should target.

Enterprise SEO Consultants, therefore, provide the appropriate Keyword Suggestion Reports and analysis of how your site can rank for said keywords. This typically involves looking at the competition (both locally and globally) and evaluating their content structure and how it needs to be improved upon in order to rank better than them.

Enterprise SEO Consultants also know how to evaluate different keyword phrases across multiple industry verticals. For example, a website about “selling water pumps” could easily outrank a competing website about “industrial water pumps” when we take the time to include more specific terms into the intent of the person doing the search.

Backlink Optimization

You can’t have a conversation about SEO without a conversation about Backlinks. Enterprise SEO Consultants know how to evaluate your current link structure in order to determine if the number of backlinks you already have are enough, or if new links need to be acquired. Enterprise SEO Consultants can provide detailed Backlink Analysis Reports that show you what your competitor’s links look like and compare it against your own. We are also experts at evaluating whether a link is relevant, trustworthy, and not a spammy sort of link (i.e., no paid links).

This is accomplished through various tools and other access to details available in Google Search Console. Our job is to make sure that all Backlink Analysis Reports have been thoroughly researched before they are presented to you. When we look at backlink profiles, we have to make sure the data we are analyzing is as complete as possible.

User Experience

Through the use of tools like Google Analytics, SEO Consultants have become experts on understanding how users interact with websites. Understanding how your customers interact with your website is an important sign to Google about the quality of your website. Enterprise SEO Consultants will evaluate how your website is doing from a User Experience standpoint.

This Enterprise SEO Consultant has probably already looked into all of the tools that could improve your experience, including mobile optimization and responsive design. Therefore, we provide recommendations for making sure the site structure makes sense and is easy for customers and search engines to understand and navigate around.

Shawn Swaim’s Story

I found my way into being an SEO Consultant accidentally. After working in the agency world for several years and helping 500+ local businesses get more leads, I had an opportunity to work with some name brand companies that you have in your home now. (Pyrex, Lenovo, Boxed, and others).

But, what I started to notice was a flaw in the traditional agency model. 

The focus of the traditional agency model is to create ongoing work. I was focused on getting results, fast. To the point it became an obsession. That was the beginning of what became known as the 20/180 Principle. The 20/180 Principle is the Framework I’ve used with dozens of clients to get the fastest results possible in their SEO by eliminating the “junk work” that most agencies build their businesses off of. 

eCommerce SEO Consultant
175 +

Clients Helped


The Year Shawn started SEO.


Average Traffic Growth


Goal ROI, Always.

In the end, SEO is still the most profitable traffic channel.

We live in a world where people no longer view the internet as a tool to help live their lives… in a lot of cases, it IS their life.

The art and science of knowing what your audience is searching for then being there when they do is a formula for ongoing, profitable success.

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