About Shawn the SEO Geek

Shawn’s story is not unlike many other SEO Consultants. He started as a web designer and started getting asked the question: “What’s the thing about getting ranked on Google?”

That single question sparked an obsession.

Over time, Shawn drifted away from Website Design and to Search Engine Optimization. Over time, Shawn went on to work with businesses of all sizes. From solo-entrepreneurs with a dropshipping website to Fortune 500 Organizations with a full team.

Regardless of company size, the technical nuances remain similar.

After working with 175+ websites over the years, Shawn has (as he puts it) “seen it all.” And, as a result, he has the know how to navigate situations that have stumped organizations for years.

Aside from getting websites to rank, Shawn enjoys living an active lifestyle and can often be found at the gym lifting weights or at the local Obstacle Course Race.

He is married and lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

eCommerce SEO Consultant

Our SEO Pricing Model

Like all of the other aspects of our SEO Agency, the way we price things is different as well. Many businesses are sick and tired of the “Agency Friendly” pricing model. This is where the number (cost) is what it is.

We developed a “grow with you” pricing model that allows us to grow together.

In other words: Your investment is based on your current revenue.

We’ve found this allows us to truly partner with our clients instead of being “just another expense”.

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SEO Launchpad

Shawn the SEO Geek’s Specialty is getting to the root of why a website is or isn’t ranking for profitable keywords.

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