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How SEO Actually Works in 2022

In this bonus free training, I run through how the modern customer journey actually mirrors the modern SEO strategy. In this training, I cover: How your customer’s emotions should be considered when you are optimizing your website. What technical considerations should be made and why. Why it’s not just about SEO any more… The purpose […]

Which SEO techniques should be avoided

I gotta say that writing this blog post was a fun weird trip down memory lane. When you’ve been an SEO Consultant for as long as I have, you see a lot of funny things where people are trying to game Google, all of which is doomed to fall flat on its respective face. If […]

Is Shopify good for SEO?

The simple answer is yes, Shopify is good for SEO. However, it isn’t a magic bullet that will guarantee top rankings and increased traffic overnight. It takes effort and optimization to make a Shopify store rank highly in search engines. That being said, Shopify is a great platform for SEO because it is built with […]