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Coping with Apple’s iOS 15 Update

Apple’s newest iOS upgrade has marketers pulling their hair out once again. Shortly after the devastation of the 14.5 iOS update that nearly killed retargeting as a viable marketing tactic, we are now seeing the next phase of Apple’s commitment to user privacy. This short post will dig into what iOS 15 means (as I […]

The two SEO trends in 2021 that matter the most

What is the future of SEO? It’s a question that many marketers ask themselves when they are trying to figure out what direction their digital marketing campaigns should take. There are so many changes happening in the world of search engine optimization, and it can be hard to keep up with which trends matter most. […]

Why the best SEO is boring

Personally, I’ve been doing SEO since 2006, which means I’ve seen a lot of so called “SEO Experts” come and go over the years. The people that like the “hustle” of something new and sexy. For a while, SEO was all about the latest technical advances, tools, and all kinds of other shiny objects. But, […]