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The basics of SEO

It’s frustrating to be a website owner who doesn’t understand the basics of SEO. You’re frustrated because you don’t know what you should do and why. You want your site to rank on Google, but all the tutorials are either too basic or too complicated. It feels like nobody understands your situation! This blog post […]

Is AI the FUTURE or NOW of SEO?

Google has made it crystal clear that they are committed to delivering the best results possible for people that are searching. In the past, SEO could be considered an act of manipulation. Do “X”, rank for “Y”. It was a basic math equation. However, the one thing that has evolved the most in the world […]

The Wikipedia Method

The Surprisingly Simple SEO trick Wikipedia uses to rank for damn near anything on Google. If you’ve ever searched for anything on Google, you’ve probably seen something from Wikipedia among all of the other results. It’s easy to create excuses why they rank so well (and I’ve heard them all)… “Oh… they have a kajillion […]

How to do SEO for CBD Websites

There are few industries as exciting to see take off than the CBD industry. Who knew one essential oil could spark a revolution? With various health claims and benefits, CBD is helping people lead better and more peaceful lives. Beyond that and looking at the business opportunity, CBD is projected to be a $20 billion […]