An Ecommerce SEO Audit that WINS

Many times, it is not the surface items that are leading a website to not rank on Google. Typically, it is because of items that are underneath the surface that need to be discovered. This is why an Ecommerce SEO Audit is so important. 

The underlying issue that is blocking a website from ranking on Google could be caused by a number of problems.


  • Crawl Issues
  • Javascript Errors
  • Content Duplication
  • Canonicalization
  • And much more

Luckily, we’ve developed the 20/180 Principle, and we use this as a basis for our Ecommerce SEO Audit.

Download the 20/180 Principle

The 20/180 Principle is Shawn the SEO Geek’s “Secret Sauce”, if there is such a thing. Now, you can learn it yourself.

SEO Training

Do you have a team that needs to know SEO so you can get as much organic traffic from the start? In House Training Packages are available.

An SEO Audit Discovers the TRUTH

Part of the reason our SEO Audit is so effective is because it gets right to the root cause of issues that prevent great website rankings. This way, you are not dependent on months of “sifting” and trial and error. 

With our process, within a month, you are able to see the direct issues that are holding you back from ecommerce profitability. 

Is there an Ecommerce SEO Audit Checklist?

While there certainly are ecommerce SEO best practices, it is hard to break down a one-size-fits-all audit checklist. This is because of the numerous nuances that each ecommerce platform brings. 

However, Google does have ranking signals that are known to hold more weight than others. In fact, this is where the initial premise for the 20/180 principle came from.