Expert SEO Consulting Services

An SEO Consultant not only knows how websites work and how Search Engines work but also how that knowledge leads to more profit.

When you’ve optimized 500+ websites over 15 years, there’s not many things you haven’t seen.

Developing an SEO Strategy

The first step for this is to understand the target audience.  The next step is to have an in-depth understanding of websites and how Search Engines work, such as what factors are extremely important and which ones aren’t very significant at all. An SEO Consultant will also learn about different types of search engines, see what each one favors, etc… Lastly they will also research where it’s best to put your website so that it can be seen by the most people possible. After doing these things the SEO Consultant will then make a detailed plan on how you should proceed with getting your website more views from people searching through search engines.

Keeping up to date with Google’s Algorithm Updates

Now that you know how it works, an SEO consultant will be checking for Google’s algorithm updates on a frequent basis. Their main concern is to make sure the website doesn’t get hit by one of these updates because this can potentially hurt the rankings and traffic coming in very seriously. An important thing to keep in mind is that if your website does get hit hard with one of these algorithm updates it’s not impossible to recover from it; it just takes more time, strategy, and effort.

Becoming a part of what you’re already doing

SEO is not a standalone strategy, rather, an integrated part of your marketing strategy. An SEO consultant can help you guide elements of your social media marketing, and over time they will learn what you’re trying to do with the website. This way they will be able to make sure the website is working for you in a way that’s consistent with your overall goals.

A Modernized SEO Approach

SEO isn’t quite as simple as throwing up a few links on some websites. A lot of research goes into it because there are many things companies have asked about in regards to Search Engine Optimization that simply don’t work or aren’t worthwhile anymore; especially if we’re talking about 2009-2013 ranking strategies. Most people have heard of one of these methods (ranking blogs) but not all of them have actually tried it out, so having an SEO consultant who knows the ins and outs of things like this will be extremely beneficial.

Finding PROFITABLE Opportunities

Whether “profit” means more visitors to your website or more cash in the bank, we cater our approach to what matters the most to you and your business objectives. All SEO strategies should be developed with the long term in mind, so our focus is always on performance and return-on-investment.

With more sites than ever “competing” for search engine visibility, it’s not enough to just have a great looking website with lots of content. SEO Consultants spend thousands of hours researching what factors make a site successful at achieving its goals – and they utilize that information to help your business move forward.

Remember… it does no good to rank for something that no one is looking for.

SEO Consulting BEYOND Rankings

The true mark of a successful SEO campaign is multi-fold. Sure, you can find yourself ranked on Google for keywords that matter. But that’s not the end of the conversation with your potential customer. In fact… most of the time, it’s only the beginning.

Benefit One: Your Conversion Rate should increase.

This should happen as a result of the high traffic plus a better performing website you receive from being ranked for that keyword. Your Branding increases with this increased traffic. From here, your SEO Consultant will begin to help you increase conversion rates for specific product or services which are related to the keywords and phrases that brought you so much business in the first place. You’ll find yourself naturally building an efficient sales funnel around these keywords because of all the new exposure they brought you – and you can capitalize on it every chance that opportunity knocks! Thus converting more and more people into your customers over time; driving higher volumes of qualified traffic to your site.

Not to mention that you are getting traffic from people that are searching for the product or service that you’re offering.

Benefit Two: Increased Click Through Rate.

This too is a benefit of higher rankings. As you move up in the search engine results, so too does your click through rate to your website. Again, all this new traffic that you get could potentially lead to more sales and conversions over time! Especially when it comes from landing pages that are conversion optimized; such as “Customer Service.” That’s why it’s important to have an expert consulting with you on these types of things throughout the duration of your SEO strategy.

Benefit Three: SEO Benefits all areas of marketing.

A big part of a successful SEO strategy is the creation of better-optimized content. When your content is better, your website performs better no matter where your traffic comes from. And that includes email marketing. The more efficient your website becomes, the better off you will be in relationship to search engines.

Additionally, social media can easily be enhanced with proper SEO consulting; it’s really just a matter of getting traffic from the right sources (search engines). If you get enough traffic coming into your site through various forms of online marketing… chances are sales and conversions will follow! With higher rankings on Google comes increased trust which translates into consumers trusting your company more. This leads to building relationships with those visitors over time as they become repeat visitors – hopefully converting them into long term or even lifetime customers for your business!

Answering the million dollar question… “How Long does SEO take?”

Getting ranked on the first page of search results for any given keyword or phrase can happen in a matter of days… more often within a few months. There are a number of factors that play into this answer, and it all answers the bigger question…

What does an SEO Consultant do?

The truth is, an SEO Consultant is the catalyst that gets your website ranking higher on Google (and other search engines). They work hard to help you understand how search engine optimization works… and why it’s important for your business.

SEO Consulting begins with a strategy. It’s really about getting a better understanding of what you want from your online marketing efforts overall. It all starts with asking yourself “Why do I need an SEO consultant?” The answer to that question will lead you into finding out exactly what you’re looking to achieve through an online presence – whether it be more exposure, traffic or sales; there are specific actions you can take to improve these things!

Once this strategy is developed, it becomes easier to in turn create a game plan for how to get there… whether that’s a step-by-step outline or just a detailed list of goals. Regardless, it provides structure and direction for your online marketing efforts.

An SEO Consultant will also be responsible for implementing the strategy outlined in order to help you achieve what you’ve defined as success; getting you ranked on the first page of search results (among other things).

Other services typically provided by an SEO consultant include keyword research – identifying the keywords and phrases that are relevant to their clients business. This can often lead into creating new content that is more optimized around these keyword phrases – helping them rank higher on Google!

SEO Consulting can also help improve your overall marketing presence through link building. Link building is the idea of getting other websites to link to your website in order to improve its overall ranking on Google. Yes, this has changed a bit since the days of building links on low-quality directories… but it’s still an important part of SEO today. The difference is an expert understands how to get you the right type of links that will push your site up into a higher ranking position on search engines and ultimately increase exposure for your business!

An increasing number of people are relying on social media for news, advertising and most importantly marketing – making it very important as well.  Social media can be a great place to market your company if used correctly; especially when given attention by an SEO Consultant who can determine what types of marketing strategies are effective for your demographic and which ones aren’t.  Through the use of social media, an SEO consultant can also help grow their client’s online presence through things such as Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers and more.

SEO Consulting will also help your website perform better technically thanks to Technical SEO Audits. An SEO Consultant will help you understand where your website is falling short in terms of search engine optimization. They’ll then provide advice on how to fix these issues – such as any development that may need to be done in order to accomplish what they suggest, or better yet – tell you if there’s no way around it so you don’t waste time or money.

An SEO Consultant can also help monitor your website and its rankings through Reporting services . Bi-Weekly status reports are typically provided, detailing keywords you’re ranked for, links coming into your site, etc… This helps keep track of how effective an SEO Consultants efforts have been over a period of time; providing valuable insight into whether adjustments need to be made.

Finally, an SEO consultant will keep you up to date with Google’s algorithm changes. This is very important because it could mean the difference between your website doing well or not depending on how you handle these changes.

There are many more services an SEO consultant can provide – but these are just the basics! A professional SEO Consultant should be able to offer most, if not all of these things as part of their overall service.  The bottom line is that when it comes to success in SEO, the goal should be ” Profit through understanding how the search engines work”; and a solid SEO Consultant will help you achieve this. If you’re looking for someone who fits this description, feel free to contact us .

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