One of the big complaints I hear from people that are running an online business is that SEO takes too long. They claim that they could just launch an ad and get sales with no complications. While that’s all well and good… wouldn’t it be worthwhile to consider that there are other traffic methods that can drive sales? In this blog post I’m going to share some basic SEO tactics that can all be done together in less that 30 minutes per day. When you do this day in and day out, it will create a compounding effect that will benefit your website for years.

Since we’re short on time… let’s dig in.

Step 1: Pick a keyword category you want better rankings for and Google it. (1 Minute)

This is going to begin the process of what I work with my team on… Competitive Reverse Engineering. This is the process of observing WHO ranks for WHAT keyword and WHY.

Step 2: Visit the website you want to outrank. (3 minutes)

Compare side by side, at a high level what they are doing that you’re not doing. Observe how much content is on the page, how many images, how fast does the page load compared to yours?

All of these are ranking signals that Google uses when they determine who is going to rank in that top spot. You should be able to identify 3-5 differences right off the bat.

Step 3: Take a look at your performance metrics (8 minutes)

More important than “ranking” is making sure that your website is appealing to the people visiting it. Take the time to look through Google Analytics and observe your page load time, bounce rate, and time on site. If it looks like people are leaving quickly, this is something you should work on.

Up next is Step 4 and here we have a few options. If you’re working on your SEO daily, you can alternate between these (Monday do option 1, Tuesday do option 2, etc.)

Option 1: Create more content for your targeted landing pages. (14 minutes)

Google does not know what to rank you for unless you tell them, so write a paragraph to place on the targeted page. Be sure to be descriptive and also include the targeted phrase in that paragraph.

Option 2: Get a backlink (14 minutes)

The good news about modern SEO is that it does not take tons of links to rank anymore. Instead, it takes ones that are quality. This is an opportunity to take a few minutes and find a blogger that could be a good person to reference your website.

Consider doing some good in your community and reach out to local press to have them give you a shout-out.

The possibilities here are endless. Just take a few minutes and think. One link at a time is how you win.

Option 3: Improve website performance (14 minutes)

Using what you learned by looking through Google Analytics, dedicate some time to improving and testing new things… If your bounce rate shows people are leaving your site fast, try implementing some internal links so people can visit different pages.

If your page is slow, take the time to resize some images to help improve your page speed.

Total time: 26 minutes.

Not only are you improving your SEO, you’re also creating a better experience for your customers, which helps your entire business overall!

If you think you could benefit from a free SEO audit, let me know, and we’ll start putting that together for you.

I hope you found this helpful and entertaining. With just a little elbow grease, you could be seeing some benefits from this wonderful process yourself!

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