Google has made it crystal clear that they are committed to delivering the best results possible for people that are searching.

In the past, SEO could be considered an act of manipulation.

Do “X”, rank for “Y”.

It was a basic math equation.

However, the one thing that has evolved the most in the world of SEO is not Google…

It’s the SEARCHER.

Google has simply evolved with their customer.

Think of it this way…

Years ago, it was easy to do SEO for an ecommerce business because predicting what people are searching for was really straightforward.

From there, you could guess how much traffic you got and how many people would buy.

Now, however, we’re living in a world of Voice Search.

The way people search conversationally is a lot different than the way people search transactionally.

That means us SEO folk need to adapt the way we handle conversations within search.

Keyword Density has been replaced with Latent Semantic Indexing.

Code to Text Ratio has been replaced with Structured Data.

If your SEO approach is still “keyword relevance” and not “customer relevance”, I’d suggest re-evaluating.

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