The world of SEO contains so many tools, it is extremely easy to get lost and give up on finding the exact tool you need. This post will be an all in one SEO Tools Review. It will feature “All Around” SEO Tools that give you rankings, analysis, and everything else you need to prepare great reports. It will also feature tools that will allow you to dive real deep into a single feature. It will also be a mix of paid tools and free tools. Either way, you will be able to use this guide to “get it done” no matter what “it” is.

Full disclosure, a couple of these links are through affiliates, which means that I make a couple bucks if you sign up. Rest assured, if I did not like the tool, it would not be in the list. This SEO Tools Review is meant to be a resource. So please consider bookmarking it for later, and it will continue to grow. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments, and we may add it to our list!

SEO Tools Review: All Around Tools

These are the tools that are going to be the best all around. They will do a basic analysis, give you a weekly or monthly ranking report and potentially more.


SEO Tool Review: Moz

The innovator and probably biggest SEO Tool on the market. Moz doesn’t just provide awesome tools and reporting features that can be white labeled, they also give a sense of community to the SEO world. With very active forums, conferences, and more, Moz makes you feel at home if you are in SEO.

The really cool thing in my opinion is that they evolve as the industry evolves. They recently included Moz Local, which helps Local SEO Professionals navigate the changing world of Local SEO.

The best part? Apart from all of the new features and functions, apart from the sense of community, they provide tools and reports that make you a serious SEO professional for only $100 a month to start.

Traffic Travis

SEO Tool Review: Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis was what I started my SEO consulting business with. They have a desktop application and it has the best of everything. I personally classify myself as a bit of a data geek, and this tool allows you to see the nitty gritty details right in one easy dashboard.

In addition to this, it also allows you to generate awesome easy to read ranking reports.

The cool thing is that they give you a robust set of tools for free. Down the road, you can upgrade to a paid version later. The other cool thing is that they offer lots of education on things like Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing in general.

Objective Specific SEO Tools

Soovle – Keyword Research

One of SEO’s best kept secrets. This tool is awesome for Keyword Research and finding awesome long tail terms. I like to say that this automates the “Don’t press Enter” technique.

If you pair this tool with a scraper plugin, your keyword research will be unstoppable.

What are some other tools do you like?